These are 100% grass-fed Angus.

By maintaining a smaller herd of Black Angus steers on our 245 acre ranch, the Rockin-O’s rich pastures and forest lands remain sustainable. Our cattle thrive on a diverse vegan diet of grasses, clovers, mint, legumes, elderberry, maple leaves and more. As a result, our free-range cattle are healthier… they live a better life!

Feel free to come see them roam the land and have fun frolicking around the ponds… (they’re probably telling jokes about Dave’s singing voice).

Now you can know your food source! Buy direct from the rancher.

About Us

This is Tom

He owns the Rockin-O. He loves natural and organic food & cares about where his food comes from.

This is Dave

He’s a cowboy. He runs the Rockin-O. Dave grew up working on stations (ranches) in New Zealand. He knows how to raise 100% grass-fed/grass-finished beef to taste better…(he says it’s the way he sings them to sleep at night)